Versace Fall 2015 RTW

Health goth, cyber goth, Victorian goth and now, business goth. Donatella Versace has created a new subdivision on the overall “conjunction-goth” trends. The collection sticks to a monochromatic color palette of black, red, yellow and green, also incorporating her signature Aztec pattern into some of the looks. Keeping each look streamlined with pencil skirts, deep v necks, high necks, thigh high boots, the edgy side comes into play with the brilliant mix of textures. Leather, suede, fur and metals act as the perfect combo as each look came down the runway, one look complimenting the next. The looks were accessorized with chokers, gloves, and large pilgrim style belts. Princes’ “When Doves Cry” played in the background making the looks  complete. The show ended with more of a feeling of Versus Versace, with club inspired looks (for after your business meeting), featuring mini dresses with # signs, @ signs and the Versace logo bedazzled onto them.

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