Upcoming Filmmaker: Philip Chauncey Steiger IV

                     Philip Chauncey Steiger IV is a filmmaker from Western Massachusetts. This August he left his home in Upstate New York and drove across the country with the intention of relocating. Now living in Highland Park he works at a film studio in Boyle Heights. Steiger is heavily influenced by the work of John Cassavetes, Vincent Gallo, The Dardenne Brothers, Ulrich Seidl and Robert Altman.  All of these filmmakers contribute to a greater sense of realism to cinema, which he also strives to achieve through minimalistic films that challenge the conventions of traditional narrative structures.
                    Steiger’s work explores subcultures and intimate confrontations. Through a documentary approach, his work creates and scrutinizes the structure of family. It examines the impact and consequences of this involuntary relationship through the documentation of the miscommunication and conflict that surrounds a family. These circumstances and scenarios share an observational and voyeuristic perspective, enhanced by diversions and tangents. This is achieved through the embracing of unforeseen obstacles, creating a sincere sense of spontaneity.
                    Says Steiger, “Pet Hotel is a non linear narrative collaboration between myself, Ford Bostwick and Alexander Svoboda. The film observes an unsuccessful road trip motivated by a rebellion against domestic responsibilities. The film was shot on Super 8mm film in Upstate New York and Western Massachusetts. Post Production was completed as Visiting Artists in Residence at 51 3rd Art Space, in Troy, NY. The film premiered at The Collar City Film Festival (Albany, NY) and has since played in Video Programs at Mala Ryba Kino (Prague, CZ) Popcorn Noir Theatre (Easthampton, MA) and J&J Gallery (Syracuse, NY).”
                   Steiger’s films are thought provoking and interesting. We can’t wait to see what the future brings for this up and coming filmmaker.


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