Tyler Shields: “Historical Fiction”


Tyler Shields most recent exhibition presents a series of Historical Fiction and a shocking – and poignantly beautiful twist – on current events. Shields discusses his work saying, “With Historical Fiction, I have tried to create a narrative of history frozen in time, as if each image were part of a book where the first and last 100 pages have been torn out, and the story is for you to decipher.  What happened before and what happened after is only up to the imagination of the viewer, and it’s that viewer that can envision themselves in many of these moments.” Two of his most powerful and controversial photos include a black man hanging a KKK member and another of a police being pinned down. The images are direct and immediately form a connection with the viewer because of what has been happening around us and the reactions we have been facing and acting in. While Shield’s does not care that his image made the KKK mad, or that it is offending people, his willingness to raise discussion and controversy is definitely causing some notoriety and a lot of attention.



Visit the Andrew Weiss Gallery located at 2525 Michigan Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404 to view the whole exhibit. A second phase of the exhibition, inspired by Marilyn Monroe, will open just before the anniversary of her birthday on Saturday, May 30, 2015.

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