How Today’s Luxury Designers are Contributing to the Rapid Growing Speed of Fast Fashion

With an unfortunately large mix of street influence and social prints, from emojis on Chanel blouses to the words “faded” and “strict” along with an abundance of weed leaves all over the Alexander Wang AW16 collection, one wonders if designers are relying too much upon the internet for inspiration. A lot of the collections looked too accessible and…lazy. Time to get out from behind your computer screens and get out there, see the world again to breathe new life into these collections. You owe that to your brand!

While many collections for AW16 showed beautiful pieces, most of the styling was confused, busy and disproportioned. The lack of creative vision with many designers seemed to support the sense that the designers have no time so they turned to things from the internet like cats and kush in hopes of being “innovative.” While watching the Alexander Wang show, all I could think was “We get it, you smoke weed. How cool. Looking forward to seeing the knockoffs from Forever 21 in store next week”.  Seriously, Forever 21 will beat you to launch. Think about that. And Karl Lagerfeld, please. Emojis have no place in couture. Mme. Chanel must be rolling in her grave. Givenchy, Valentino, Balmain and Acne – where was your beautiful, thought out and cohesive collections from years past?

Balmain AW16

Balmain AW16

As fashion continues to speed up to meet retailer needs and creative directors continue to step down due to the high demand, the hunt and usually gradual process of becoming inspired is fading away. This seasons lack of inspiration may stem from our innate disconnection from society due to the internet and the quickly growing culture that surrounds it but it’s only because the internet/social media is the most accessible thing we have right now. If everyone is looking at the same source for inspiration, how can you step out of the crowd and create something new?

All is not lost. Although so many admired brands presented us with disappointing collections, show’s like Comme des Garcons, Kenzo, Dries van Noten, Sacai and Marc Jacobs killed it. It will be interesting to see if this collection restores Marc Jacobs to a top tier retail prince again.

It’s time for fashion to slow down and find inspiration in places other than the internet and the Forever 21 crowd.

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