Barbie Shows Off Her New Look on the Cover of Time Magazine’s Latest Issue

Influencers such as Marilyn Monroe, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and so many more have graced the cover of Time Magazine over the past decades, yet one of many childhood’s biggest influencers has never been featured. It’s the girl who is better known as being perfect with only one very recognizable form we knew her by – tall, skinny, white, blonde hair blue eyes… Until now. At a whopping 56 years old, Barbie has somehow maintained her perfect looks. And get this – over the past years, Barbie has only gotten slimmer, been given more make-up and has gotten more jobs. Time magazine’s newest cover features a modified Barbie given curves. Clearly this Barbie is far from being over-weight or plus size but it is an improvement in Mattel’s “perfect” world. Along with the featured Barbie above, comes a whole range of body types, 7 skin colors, and new eye colors.


Little girls growing up playing with the previous Barbie were handed this black and white idea of what perfect is, inspiring them to want to be just like her. With her new range of hot bods we can only hope to see a decrease in body dysmorphia, eating disorders and low self-esteem with younger generations.

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