Three Designer’s to Watch

Maria ke Fisherman

Launched in 2011 by Maria Lemus and Victor Alonso, Maria ke Fisherman emerged from Spain during the evolution of the cyberpunk scene. The combination of Maria’s love for fashion and Victor’s passion for science, Maria ke Fisherman reinvents their childhood, taking blurry memories of their past and combining subcultures. The designs have been worn by Brooke Candy, which Maria claims that “Her energy matches almost perfectly with the brand’s concept. She is clever and ironic and does whatever she wants”.


Yulia Yefimtchuk+ 

Ukrainian designer, Yulia Yefimtchuk+, takes her inspiration from her culture incorporating propaganda posters, 60s military styles, and emphasis on women having strong personal power. She praises women through her way of “turning the female body into an instrument” in opposition to the way she sees women being objectified in a capitalist culture.

In her latest collection, Yefimtchuk incorporates red, black, and white as the color palette for each look, long, flared hems, and sharply constructed collars and badges in ode to an escape from Soviet-era society.


Samantha McCoach

Founder of Le Kilt, Samantha McCoach is on her way to building a tartan empire. Handmade in Scotland, Kilts, trousers and other Scottish traditional pieces are made to perfection often with details such as pins, paint, and buckles. The brand name “Le Kilt” pays “playful homage to the legendary Soho club of the 80’s.” The kilt can be played up or down and will become a staple piece in your wardrobe. Eventually McCoach plans on branching out the line to making other traditional pieces and accessories with a more modern approach.


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