Style Kitty: Lauren Alice Avery

Giving similar vibes like Chloe Sevigny, model, actress, and internet star Lauren Alice Avery has us whipped when it comes to social media stalking. With bleach blonde hair, dark brows and Bratz doll, puckered lips, she’s interesting to look at and adds to her appearance with a personality that shows through her cyber presence. From dressing like a porcelain victorian doll to a sporty, sparkling granny, her pictures are thought provoking and addicting. She takes on her own approach to art and fashion, taking (what seems like) inspiration from random parts of daily life, from a history class to a women at a taco stand, and puts everything together in an appealing and new way. We won’t be surprised if she, like Chloe, goes on to make a huge impact on fashion.

We’re obsessed with her featured with  Jack Kilmer in producer Slava’s music video. Take a look here:


follow her on instagram: @laurenaliceavery.

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