Silkersoft drops ‘Phase Shift’ EP

UK label Activia Benz – founded by Greg Feldwick (Slugabed) and visual artist Jake Slee, responsible for the beautiful eye-catching digital artwork featured on all of their releases – continues to give the internet exactly what it wants with a release from producer Tom Schley – also known as Silkersoft – who dropped his Phase Shift EP on April 7th. An anticipated follow-up to last year’s ‘Ghost Sceptre’ EP with Apothecary Compositions, the 24-year-old producer from Germany has now teamed up with the some of Activia Benz’ most headstrong artists to release four brand new tracks, and featuring remixes from IMAMI of Tessier-Ashpool Recordings and Hyperboloid Records’ Pixelord. The Benz collective has been known to release a unique brand of fun, energetic and club-style electronic songs that are meant for dancing to – ‘Phase Shift’ is no exception. Silkersoft brings the same vibrant melodies with a more blunt approach, attaining a fresh sound that maintains his characteristic style. ‘Funeral Tournament’ is a heavy hitter boasting some seriously weighty horns and bass against silvery bells and bubbly themes – he even samples a crow caw – while opener ‘Waterlust’ is already a favorite among some established fans. Prepare yourself for the rumored video release for the EP to drop soon. The visuals, based on previous releases from the label, are definitely something to look forward to.

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