PC Music Feeds You Dog Food at SXSW

PC Music is one of the most talked about shows for 2015 SXSW. Our favorites QT, AG Cook and GFOTY play live sets along with Spinee, Finn Diesel and Maxo. Titled “Dog Food”, PC Music takes inspiration from GFOTY and Spinee’s recent Dog Food Mix and from Spinee’s newest video release, Hell Hound, which features bubbly/gummy dog visuals. Described as being “the launch event of their own dog food where their grimey grub for hounds will be manufactured, tasted and trialled alongside music from their favorite PC Music DJs,” the show acts as just a warm up for what’s to come at SXSW on Thursday, March 19th. RSVP for the full PC Music showcase @  austinpartyweekend.com.


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