Orange Spotlight: Groundfloor

Of all the music in Los Angeles right now, its most nationally recognized is electronic music.  After Low End Theory residents such as Flying Lotus and the rest of Brainfeeder blew up, all eyes were on L.A for beats.  Groundfloor, a relatively new electronic music collective, is simultaneously exactly what one would expect, and the last thing one would expect to come out of the Los Angeles school of beat making.  All of their music appears to be the weird fantasy of a cyber to a fault, teenage white boy living out his wildest trap wet-dreams. Goundfloor is throwing their first event on Friday March 6, aptly named Ground Zero. I got the chance to speak with a member, Comfort, regarding the show and the collective.

Can you describe the event, the internet leaves a lot to the imagination?

Ground Zero! The first of many disjointed pop up shows presented by the Groundfloor crew. Think ghetto alien underground rave. It’s gonna be ill.

Will more events be held there?  What kind of events?

Honestly I’ve got no fucking clue, but if we can manage to pack the venue and not break anything I think there’s a very real possibility of Ground Zero coming back to MCAU, though it’s not venue specific.


MCAU’s vision well coincides with our own, being a small independently run art space. Aside from being easy to work with, MCAU’s in Echo Park, which is distinctly void of any sort of accessible music venue for those looking for hip hop or house or anything stemming from the post-soundcloud school of music.

What is Goundfloor?

My cru. A small ass team of likeminded goons with a dream of doing this exact same thing but on a yacht in the bahamas. We’re producers and DJs coming from our own weird corners of LA’s beat scene united through homieship and the pursuit of trappiness.

Who is in it?

Naiser McKay, (BLVC SVND), the beat behemoth; Myles Mullen (Pagan), who’s sound grows more beautiful with every release; Masiah Munson, who helps out with management and logistics but is itching to hop at the decks; and me, Caleb Miller (Comfort).

How would you describe their sounds?

Naiser’s (BLVC SVND) on that boom bap hip hop shit, it kind of sounds like if Migos had a baby with Snoop Dogg and they handed it a broken Palm Pre full of vaporwave renders. He’s been on that grind for so long, it’s sick to see him blowing up over this last year. Myles (Pagan) has been on the lowkey for a while now, but every individual song he puts out is so wildly different from the last that I can’t begin to imagine what he’s cooking up next. He’s got an amazing sense for atmosphere, his last release “Dim” had me feeling some type of way while I was foot deep in snow over the weekend. Masiah’s the most solid dude I know, always ready to offer a helping hand and an honest voice. He helped a ton simply by backing me up from the beginning. I’m so stoked to see him start spinning after this next show, he’s got great taste and a ton of potential, catch that boy at volume two. I’m Comfort but that will probably change over the next month, due to issues with it just being the most generic name on the planet. I’m sitting on the beginnings of my first album right now, and it could end up a million ways, but I could currently describe it as getting stuck in the elevator of your traphouse with your ex girlfriend. Lots of feelings.

What plans do you have for Ground Floor?

Make contact with alien life. Keep this momentum going and keep throwing shows and putting out music, like genuine releases and comps as opposed to continuous singles. Make more connections, and refine our respective sounds.


Stay keen, this is just the beginning.


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