OKgrl – the new digital space catering to a new generation of pop culture

J-14, Bop, Tiger Beat: 3 magazines that summed up the 2000’s for many of today’s “digital generation”. They featured everything from fan-fiction conversations with the Jonas Brothers to meet-ups with Justin Bieber and we can’t forget the sacred Aaron Carter and Hillary Duff posters that used to cover every inch of our bedroom walls. When we were 10, these magazines were our fantasies. As our generation evolved, so did technology and eventually these magazines were left behind. They just couldn’t keep up with the high speed and demand the Internet produces with articles, photos and gossip highlighting pop culture.

Thanks to the Internet queens Hannah Diamond, Charlie Barker, Bip Ling, stylist Louby McLoughlin and Kenzo’s ex-digital art director DVTK, OKgrl was created. With girls on the site styled straight from Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie’s The Simple Life and interactive technology that allows you to scroll through the site just by moving your phone around, OKgrl pushes forward nostalgia and presets it in a way that resembles the future.

“We set out to create a new fashion platform which can match the entertainment levels that the young generation already get from their apps like Instagram, Snapchat or Tumblr. In order to do this we broke conventional rules on the design of an online publication, and instead we use interactivity, music and gamification. It’s basically an online fantasy world. I wish there was something like this when i was younger.”

The site just launched on January 21st so head to www.okgrl.com to re-live your tweenage fantasy.

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