Norma Kamali Pre-Fall 2015

Norma Kamali’s Pre-Fall 2015 collection is a blend of mermaids, space, and dance wear. With a color palette of black, silver, and clear, the pieces are made up of liquid-metallic, leather, and plastic textures. Leave it to Kamali to create memorable pieces that you will forever want and remember, but may never have. Norma Kamali is an investment. I still remember the Norma Kamali ostrich feather jacket that I picked out at Opening Cermony when I was 15 years old and still shed a tear every once in a while that I am still not the owner of one. This leather body suit and perfectly structured clear coat were just added to my list of dream pieces. Let Kamali’s collection inspire you in a multitude of ways for the new year with spunk, confidence, and ambition. View the full collection here.




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