Music to listen to in your new flying car: Arca ~ Xen

Arca, aka Alejandro Ghersi, has taken a huge step forward from producing for mainstream artists Kanye West, FKA Twigs and soon Bjork, and into the underworld of layered sounds and dark vibes. Listening to the first eight songs alone off of his new album Xen, I was confused as to why he had decided to curate these songs into the same album. They all sounded amazing individually but there was something missing between the breaks of songs creating an uneven flow. By the time track 10, Thievery (the first released single that created the hype around Xen),  came, the sound and eclectic vibes were tied together. A clean, consistent stream of sound with surges of phantasmagorical noises were present within each song. Like his last mix, &&&&&, he stays true to an eerie and inhuman spirit, but the difference between the two lies in his softer songs such as “Wound”, “Failed”, and “Held Apart” adding a vulnerable and important aspect to his music. Nevertheless, Ghersi has presented us with an album that will sound great in our new AeroMobil 3.0.

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