Mia Goth’s Ad for Miu Miu Banned

After the first release of the Miu Miu SS15 campaign in Vogue, starring Mia Goth, a reader complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that the ad was sexualizing an underage girl. The campaign featured three different models, yet 22 year old Nymphomaniac starlet was singled out due to her “youthful appearance”. The ASA stated that the ad was “likely to cause serious offense” due to her “wearing very minimal make up and clothes that appeared to be slightly too large. [They] considered those elements contributed to the impression that she was younger than 16 years of age”.

Mia Goth has been singled out of this group of women for the way that she looks. The campaign features her in a sophisticated outfit and minimal make up, resting on a bed. More so, Goth was the star of Nymphomaniac and posed topless, mid-orgasm for the promotional poster. Perhaps people were confusing the two.

Outraged people tweeted:

“I can’t help but find it ridiculous that Mia Goth’s Miu Miu campaign has been banned. She’s a grown woman, not a child.” –@AMNicholas_ 

“Lol some people need to chill and check them selves – this photograph is beautiful” –@IEventVancouver

While sexualization of the youth is a long debate and deep topic, this ad was not one to be reckoned with. Steven Meisel portrayed the collection beautifully. Despite Mia Goth’s youthful look and energy, she is a grown woman who was not being placed at the center of sexualization in the mind of photographer Steven Meisel, rather society put that on to her weather it be her reputation as the lead in Nymphomaniac or just our perverted culture.

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