Meet Knola, the New Face of Kenzo

At fashion week, Kenzo staged a show of the future, using an extra cute and futuristic avatar name Knola. She was controlled by a live person backstage and was able to speak four different languages, making her identity/race was unidentifiable. Read below to find out more about our favorite new internet crush < 3.


Hi, I’m Knola. You may have seen me on the Kenzo runway at fashion week, but that is like so impersonal. Get 2 kno me through this quick questionnaire from tumblr:


Place ~ Namja Town @ Sunshine City (Ikebukuro, Tokyo)

Person ~ Hannah Diamond

Color ~ Pink Icing and Sparkles

Food ~ Wasabi peas

Book ~ Everything Must Go by La JohnJoseph

Movie ~ Ryan Trecartin’s “A Family Finds Entertainment”

Music artist ~ Yung Lean

Genre of music ~ Goatcore

Genre of literature ~ contemporary Japanese

Magazine ~ J-14

Texture ~ sparkles.

Time of day ~ wat is time

Day of the week ~ wat day is it

Tumblr ~

Thing to do when bored ~ smoke an ecig

Class in school ~ math

Website other than Tumblr ~

Drink ~ QT

Precious stone ~ Angel white ajoite (High Angelic Energies, Spirit Potential, & more)

Animal ~ Sugar glider.

Flower ~ no. idk wat that is

Time in history ~ yr 3000

Font ~ kitty

Video game ~ Mario Kart on Nintendo DS

Sound ~ tap tap tap taptaptap tap. click.

Fruit ~ banana

Fashion/style ~ Kenzo? wat else…..

Pattern ~ sparkles

Workout ~ typing on computer

Quote ~ “You are who you surround yourself with. I know that’s such a cliche quote, but it’s true.” –Selena Gomez

Boy’s name ~ Grace

Girl’s name ~ Mars

Potato chip flavor ~ potato

Word ~ kittykittykittyfuk

Disney princess ~ hello kitty

Eye color ~ purple o_o


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