Marques’Almeida Fall 2015 RTW

Returning with another collection featuring classic and innovative coloring, draping and fraying of denim, Marques’Almeida dips their hand into new material additions of mesh, fur, metallics, knits, and floral patterns. The collection featured an array of bright colors and a mash up of structure and deconstruction. One of the standouts? A mauve fur coat with a half ripped shoulder. While the collection was very open to a wide range of inspiration, the mixing of sources did not feel or look random. “Paulo would walk in one day with a nineties Corrine Day picture of Rosemary Ferguson wearing silver pants; I was looking at Frida Kahlo; then we found some brocade fifties dresses. So it became a mash-up of all that,” says Marques talking about the basis of her ideas behind the collection.

While the collection stemmed from the nineties, Marques’Almeida’s collection is ahead of our time and presents a new and interesting collaboration.

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