Mannyo Releases First 2 Tracks Off of Amprsand EP

Mannyo, USA-affiliated artist, and New York musician, Amprsand, released a sneak-peak of what’s to come on Amprsand’s debut EP, featuring a remix of his first single, “Do Your Best,” from LA-based producer and DJ, Phonome. Phonome has worked with artists like DJ W3C, Strick, DJ Swaggy Dolphin, and was recently featured in the LA collective and label Too Lush’s compilation album, Too Lush Vol. 3. The remix highlights the original euphoric sound from Amprsand and extends the track to further limits, giving you a completely new experience. The remix is paired with B-side track, “Charlotte”, by Amprsand complimenting the atmospheric remix.

The full EP is set to be released on April 21st, 2015.

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