LOVERBOY, Charles Jeffrey MAN AW16

Photography by Daisy Walker via

It was just about 6 months ago when we were seeing non-stop headlines such as “Is it time to ditch gendered fashion weeks?” and “New York Fashion Week Didn’t Give A F–k About Gender”. By now it should come as no  surprise since EVERYONE is doing it, yet CSM grad, Charles Jeffrey, somehow sets himself apart touching on a greater reality of being gender neutral through his line “LOVERBOY” which features high fashion club wear.

After shocking fashion week last year at his SS16 presentation where he turned the runway into a nightclub, he spoke briefly about the energy surrounding his inspiration saying, “I wanted it to be anarchic and really angry, but it always becomes very joyous, and I think that’s because it shows the sensibility of us all together as a group and I think that’s what LOVERBOY actually is”. Becoming informed about Jeffrey’s point of view opens up a whole new perspective when looking at the fluid stage fashion is currently in. While in the eyes of many it is “edgy” to watch an androgynous group of young people walk the runway for VFiles, there is something so much more genuine and informative in what Jeffrey is doing. He is bringing together this group of people he goes out with and actually engages with and fully immersing himself in the lifestyle rather than watching from afar and applauding it. He did not even speak on the gender-less nature of his collection, rather he focused on bringing out the close-knit family within this circle by praising what inspires him the most. 

Photo courtesy of Charles Jeffrey

As for his AW16 collection, a DIY theme presided as the models walked the runway in painted jeans, flattened champagne cork-cage chokers, and pouches reading “YOU TWAT” and “PISS OFF”. Bungee cord belts and keys for earrings also made the cut to tie together the authentic and dramatic LOVERBOY AW16 presentation. Luckily for Charles Jeffrey, he was given the opportunity to present at Fashion East which has been the jumpstart to major new names such as JW Anderson, Marques’Almeida, Simone Rocha and many more.

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