To Keep a House // To Be A

to keep a house:
No one in this house
Stands tall or strong or bold enough
To go running
Into the lightning hit roar,
To go fighting for a piece of peace,
on some distant unlit, unmanned horizon.
Where we are
Is the dead eye of the storm,
One foot in reality
and the other,
Some lost reverie

No one in this house
Understands how to make noise anymore,
we stand horrified
When neighbors invite the public
To partake in their pain,
silent communion,
with tears—
open and raw,
barely babes crying mercy, mercy
God be with ye,
and why are we are the ones
just shaking?

Everything slips away
evolves, breeds and festers,
Blooms, open, to love—
And is buried.
Everything changes
And nothing will stay
Where you left it for safekeeping.

to be a:
i pretend to be a man,
forbid and forebode set free from
threadbare thighs
run free! and free! and free! through dewed grass
stewing underneath, moonlight loving on my face and sternum and
dead cicada poems woven like crumbs through my hair
highway bulbs lighting halos onto unstoppable protein bulk of open-air backseatneverending parathon of gas oil smog in my eyes, in my lungsi scream free! i am beat! upbeat! and beaten! and beat down! and beatnik!i am man
i am mani am rabbit foot tucked away for stock market luck

wish me luck

i am one woman, untucked.

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