Hesperian Division Vol. 1


Los Angeles and Chicago based label mates Alejandro Zerah and Nick Tillman aka Hesperian Sound Division recently released their first compilation of tracks. With a steady, soft start, it continuously builds different layers of energy and emotion. Some songs will make you want to dream, some will spark memories and others will make you want to dance. With a good compilation of mellow and rigid sounds, Hesperian Division Vol. 1 introduces a flawless mix that you will have on repeat.

I stayed up the night before the first day of school listening to the compilation and these are my thoughts while listening to the tracks…

I’m tapping my nails. I’m typing to the beat. I’m losing my train of thought every 10 seconds. The hypnotizing, ambient sounds bring me to a state of meditation. The haunting thought of going to school this week leaves me. I feel good. I want to dance now, but my only partner is my computer. I want to dance with this boy inside of the computer.

I’m thinking of Little Tokyo, pears, and the color blue.

Wait, wait, wait, wait. My eyes blink to a sound that reminds me of a complicated LA mom walking into a high school basketball court, wearing Christian Louboutin’s to watch her 16 year old son play in his big game. It continues and the steps leave, but there is a subtle ticking noise that stays and reminds me of the times when I was a cheerleader and would try to block out ambient noises in the crowd and let my mind wander. The game is almost over.

They lost.

I feel a push to achieve something. It’s that feeling of being in the middle of reaching your goals and you are so excited for what the outcome could be, good or bad, you just want reaction. Light and fixed, not stressed or overdone.

Apathy towards most things except for the hangnail on my finger.

I feel happy. I like most everything in my life and I still want to dance.

I’m lost now. I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of that toilet yesterday that was sitting on someone’s lawn that I drove by to post on instagram.

hahahaha  ^_* that wink goes out to a cute boy. This is so flirty! I’m in a movie. A typical, stupid, romantic comedy-drama and it’s that scene where the guy asks the girl if he can buy her a drink and she is a bitch and says no but he gets her one anyway. It’s reaching that point where they’ve fallen in love and can’t live their life one moment without thinking of one another. I’ve gone through their whole relationship. Old and happy.

If I liked to run, I would start to run. I watch myself run in my mind, wearing a cool outfit that you would probably never run in. One they would dress a model in to “pretend run” in for a shoot.

My eyes are only half open. I’m thinking of a dream sequence I once had. It started with me being at a cheer practice, holding someone in a stunt and my arm melting out of its socket and me screaming because my arm fell out. It didn’t seem to bother anyone else and I continued to stunt because no one cared. Stunting with one arm didn’t end up working out because of obvious reasons so they made me a flyer (the girl that goes up). I ended up crying while in the air because having only one arm was definitely not chill. It ended with a view of an ocean with goldfish (snacks) jumping like dolphins.

I’m falling asleep to this last one, goodnight.


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