Ariel Pink Blasted by Grimes as a “Delusional Misogynist”

During a recent interview with Ariel Pink, news quickly spread that Ariel indicated that he was offered an opportunity to work on an up and coming Madonna album. Instead of being excited about potentially working with one of the most iconic music makers in history, Pink scoffed at the “offer” by  saying Madonna’s “first record was so good because of the songs” and that it has “been a downward slide…. Ray of Light is not cool”. Tons of fans – including Grimes – went on to blast Ariel Pink through Twitter. My favorite response is from acclaimed producer Guy Oseary,  “@madonna and I have never heard of @arielxpink…” That says it all!

< 3 And Grimes went on to defend Madonna!!!!  < 3

And Madonnas manager went on to say that Ariel Pink was never even involved in the first place:


Madonna is QUEEN, Grimes is a FAIRY and Ariel Pink is very wrong.

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