We’ve recently become obsessed with the brand new internet based beauty and skincare brand, Glossier. Created by Emily Weiss (who is also the creator of one of our fave beauty blogs, Into the Gloss), the brand successfully reached their target crowd through the internet! The products are fit to work with pretty much all skin types. The formulas all contain active ingredients like Vitamins A,C and E, Hyaluronic Acid, Rose and an Oxygenating complex to create beautiful, healthy, glowing  skin. The brand is inspired by real life – getting beauty queues from fashion, art and the internet. Glossier celebrates everything about what being a girl is! The complete Phase 1 set allows for an everyday, clean make-up look and extra hydration for your skin. Touted as modern essentials, the four pieces is our go-to skincare and our skin has never looked better.  Glossier arrives packaged in cute pink bubble pouches and comes with a cute set of stickers and a canvas tote as an added bonus.  We <3 Glossier!!


Click here to purchase.

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