GFOTY is in Big Trouble for Her Field Day Write Up for Noisey

While doing a write up for Field Day for Noisey, PC Music’s GFOTY slipped and made a naive mistake that has separated her from the exclusive label and called attention to her as being racist. She made reference to the band Malian duo Toumani & Sidiki Diabaté saying “I saw a tribal band play on the main stage… I think they were covering Bombay Bicycle Club blacked up”



GFOTY immediatley made a public apology on Twitter saying “I was actually trying to make a joke about appropriation, but I fucked up and it wasn’t funny. I’m sorry.” and acknowledged the fact that she “[pushes] buttons, [and she’s] gone too far this time.”

While Noisey made an apology, calling it an “editorial oversight”, PC Music slammed GFOTY and producer Lotic slammed PC Music AND GFOTY for her inappropriate words.

PC Music also reacted on Twitter saying: “We are extremely disappointed by the completely inexcusable comments made by GFOTY. The comments do not reflect the views of the label, or our other artists. They do not reflect our ethos to create an inclusive musical environment and community of people from all backgrounds.”

Producer Lotic made a more lengthy response to the incident on his Facebook page followed by a slam on producer Ten Walls for being homophobic saying: “i told you” isn’t even the right response to this. like, i understand that white people don’t feel like they have ‘tribal’ music or any ‘real culture’ in general, but to me this is more a result of press/club culture over-intellectualizing music and being too curious about ‘mysterious’ producers, congratulating mediocrity and creating false heroes because we’re so desperate to save our clubs. And I get it, but, you can congratulate pc music et al. for their mystery and ‘clever’ use of ‘irony’ or you can just investigate and realize that it’s merely a vapid art project by a handful of rich kids (mostly male, with female avatars btw) that’s diluting the club pool and that your making excuses for their boring music is part of the problem. you actually don’t have to pretend that anything that’s even vaguely non-conforming is good or cool?”

The comments made by GFOTY have no place in our society. Regardless of her quirky, captivating music, her status as taking part of an exclusive label does not give her the right to make demeaning comments to other artists.

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