Father: Next in the lineage of ATL Rap Weirdoes

If you listen to rap music and haven’t yet heard the name Father, now is the time to get acquainted. From the same Atlanta scene as rising internet star ILoveMakonnen, comes Father, whose most notable track and video “Look at Wrist” dropped in Mid July. In early August, a picture surfaced on Drake’s instagram that featured a caption cribbed from this buzzing single’s hypnotic chorus: “wrist wrist wrist wrist”.

This subtle co-sign, along with Drake’s remix of ILoveMakonnen’s “Tuesday” has projected this hyper-specific D.I.Y. rap scene in Atlanta to mainstream consciousness by way of coverage on The Fader and Pitchfork. ILoveMakonnen has struck real world success with a record deal from Drake’s new label OVO sound, and it seems that Makonnen’s friend and affiliate, the ironically named Father, is next to blow up from this scene of ATL swag-rap eccentrics.

Although Father, who records with his own imprint/ crew, Awful Records, is fully his own artist, the wave of hype surrounding ILoveMakonnen is innately tied to Father’s own increased popularity and recognition by rap-internet cognoscenti. Makonnen is succeeding as a figure who is redefining the tropes of mainstream street-rap by making songs that sound like a collaboration between Drake and Lil B over beats from the same ATL producers that Young Thug and Future use (MikeWillMadeIt, Metro Boomin).  Father continues this new agenda of altering what we thought we know about the Atlanta rap scene by breaking new ground with his own brand of self produced head nodding basslines and neck snapping 808’s. Father’s production is reminiscent of The Cool Kid’s Chuck Inglish as well as genre hallmarks like Dr. Dre’s early work for Eazy E.

Father released his mixtape “L1L D1DDY” earlier this year which featured work with ILoveMakonnen and a slew of Awful records affiliates. Father’s hot streak continues with his newest and most impressive release, “Young Hot Ebony”, a mixtape that dropped at the beginning of September. As his first release since his new found fame, “Young Hot Ebony” functions as a thesis for the rapper and is set to become a reference point for this new scene in Atlanta as well as a platform for Father and his Awful Records imprint to gain recognition.

By altering the standard themes of southern trap rap and mid 00’s snap music to fit his own weirdness, Father has built up an idiosyncratic identity that includes track titles like “Why Can’t I Cry $$$”(his most recently released video), references to an abortion within the first thirty seconds of “Look at Wrist” and a unique aesthetic (sporting a Michelle Obama T-shirt in the video for “Fake AF”). With each new track, video, and feature Father continues to improve and establish his place within the “New Atlanta ” scene spearheaded by pop-trap phenoms Rae Sremmurd and current kings of the south, Migos.

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