Earth Dream

From what stems success?

The “I need to be the best (and make a lot of money and look fancy)?”

The world we live in feeds on that stress.

Most of us are lost, and we fight to compare ourselves to each other and all around

but mother Earth told me that we are found when we compare ourselves to the ground

and the sky

and the air, where the world is fair

Because the Earth knows not how smart you are, only if you embrace who you are

and the little nuances that tickle your face and the things that bounce around in your head and search to be truly Human

If you love and believe in others and love and believe in yourself then,

and only then,

will mother earth say,

“Child, you live a life where you laugh and grow and everyday you fight against a success measured by the brand on your front pocket and the width of your wallet. You, the ambassador of the simplest code, a belief that shows you the yellow brick road to happiness. A path to embrace your soul and measure yourself by your relationships and your spirit

and your spirit, child, is true.

a soul clear and blue like my skies, so I will show you that

I. love. you.”


When she said this I wept.

Because I knew I was there, nowhere really, but I had arrived in my mind

I had followed mother Earth into the wild and I asked her to give me truth and she gave.


“Flying is fantastic she said but the feathers on your wings are not your own.

They are a collection of quills that write the words in your book of life

and the feathers are full of wisdom and the wisdom can lift you off the ground

but these feathers are those of the people around you and they fly above you as you walk the wilderness, dropping knowledge for you to tie together and share with others.

Everyone has their own wings,

multi-colored and formed from feathers dropped by their own friends and family and lovers. You are you but everyone around you makes you you, too. So relish your relationships because they lay the framework for life.”

Then I fell asleep and had a dream where wistfulness was not spent entirely on the very young and the very old, but also on me.


I had the time to saunter through pages of


and Chabon

and Connelly

and O’Connor.

I lived the romantic, quaint life of a teenager during which my devotions were none but making memories and widening perspective. I biked over Mulholland and stopped at the lookout to listen to the sun and to let my mind wander and leave me and return more beautiful. I explored and had organic experiences and then stood tall on a tower of myself, build up by all that I had learned and I looked out and saw the love of the world and it’s directions and it said “love exists when you believe in it.”



When I returned from the dream and came back

to the mess of life that feeds on stress

I learned through the wind and the rain that to have success

you must live and trust and love

then you will not be lost in the wilderness

you will be found

in the ground and the sky and the air

and rise above despair.

Be the best human you can be

and then

the Earth will love you,

and you will be free.




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