Dolce and Gabbana releases its First Hijab Collection

Over the past year we’ve seen a huge political change and emphasis put onto inclusivity and respect to other cultures, yet this hasn’t been something necessarily recognized by high fashion. With just two notable instances of this last year – one being Uniqlo’s launch of their own hijab line and the other being Mariah Idrissi, a Muslim model cast for an H&M campaign  – haute couture finally steps into the picture with Dolce & Gabbana’s debut of a hijab and abayas collection.  Honoring the dress code of Muslim women, the collection comes in a range of neutral colors with embellishments of lace and floral.

However, why is it just now that Muslims’ specific needs are being met and why is it that it’s taken so long especially when the fashion and spending market in Arabia is SO high (it’s estimated that by 2019, Muslims will be spending $484 billion on clothing and shoes a year in all parts of the world)? Excitingly, Muslim women are finally getting the recognition and are being offered these beautifully structured, couture hijab’s.

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