Diesel Teams Up With Tinder, Grindr, Pornhub and YouPorn for Their SS16 Campaign

Tapping into our culture , Diesel takes initiative to dive straight into the places people are actually going and paying attention to: digital media. Creative director Nicola Formichetti speaks on the new campaign saying, “I want to portray the world we live in today, and the people in it – so it’s very important that we have different genders, body types, colours, that’s our norm. And then we all live through the phone and the computer, so I wanted to be honest about that.” Through different video clips starring Kiko Mizuhara, Joe Jonas, Sang Woo, Sara Cummings and more, the models go through series of different internet interactions while showing off the clothes.

“We all go on websites like Pornhub, you know? So before you start jerking off maybe you can stop and look at our new pants and shoes”

– Nicola Formichetti

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