Vacation Diary: Art, Fashion and Media Culture in Denmark

Fashion and media are some of the many ways that define culture. I’ve noticed here in Denmark occasionally the advertisements really show you a clear difference between the U.S. and Denmark. Denmark has always been more accepting and liberal with an open mind towards sex, alcohol and nudity, and in general being more natural. Denmark shows a different kind of creativeness with fewer restrictions and takes freedom of expression to a different level.

Fashion in Denmark, especially Copenhagen, is also moderately different from the U.S. It appears to be effortless for Copenhageners to toss on several layers of clothes and do it with style and grace. Viewing the fashion culture as someone who is not originally from Demark, I noticed that everyone here seems to acquire a natural style that is chic and artful. Weather conditions are often changing in Denmark, and to be able to bicycle through the day and still look bright, clean, and fresh enough to go out with friends later in the evening is remarkable. Incredibly enough Denmark has seemed to achieve and master this.

After being here for so long, I have a growing admiration for the way the Danish dress and act. The city alone is modern, lively and historic with all the newest trends in fashion, design and architecture. Denmark’s fashion industry offers affordable luxury, quality and durability at a fair price, making it easy to have a good eye when it comes to taste and elegance.

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