Concept. by tony camaro

Concept by Tony Camaro is a work in progress. It got to the point recently where I was thinking to myself, I don’t like how I’m wearing the clothes that THEY thought would look cool on me (they being clothing companies). Not to hate on clothing companies at all, those fools all know what they are doing, but I really wanted my clothes to not have to be their brand. I wanted my idea to be present on my body, and have it look exactly the way I imagined it. So, I went to a thrift store, where I get most of my clothes and picked out an assortment of items that I would actually wear. Then I screen printed images that I thought would fit the color, material, and style of the clothing itself.

I wasn’t interested in the generic middle of t-shirt screen print. I feel like as a designer in today’s day and age you always have to re-invent yourself/ your product. So I printed on the back sides of shirts, on the middle of pants, I cut the necks off, stretched everything out to make it as long and droopy as possible, because that’s the way that I like it… cozy chic.

The look is what I like to call Cozy Chic, something easy and livable but also very stylish. I am really interested in the high-end fashion world, with inspirations stemming from Max Mara, Cos, Marni, A.P.C, Chanel, Prada, and of course, Kanye West (along with so many more).


That’s a really good question.

Tony Camaro is my muse. Tony Camaro is a way of life, a motto almost.  Tony Camaro is a real mo fucka, very tight, very high fashion. Tony Camaro is the most interesting man. Tony Camaro is the essence of fashion and individuality, where no fucks are given, only creativity. Tony Camaro is my Tyler Durden. Tony pushes me to be the best most creative person that I can be and helps me to realize that anything, and I mean anything is possible if you have an idea, good work ethic, and a careless attitude, because once you stop caring things get a lot easier and make a lot more sense. Tony Camaro is just a pseudonym.

What’s next for Tony Camaro?

I’m going to work on a woman’s line.

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