Comme des Garçons 1989-2006

As the saying is true, history does repeat itself. Looking back on these beautiful and very large collections, Comme des Garçons has acted a huge source of inspiration to what is happening now and for what’s to come.

Comme des Garçons SS 1989 Paris

Top hats and a check-printed finale directly correlated with the end to a post-punk era accompanied by edgy haircuts and struts.


Comme des Garçons AW 1990/1991 Paris

Health goth is nothing new. Comme des Garçons did it first with a black and white based collection made up of transparent track jackets, mesh tops, and other athletic wear such as long tennis skirts and track star/windblown hair. The combination of the final sleek black dresses and Wednesday Adam’s style dresses with the athletic wear inspired looks creates a perfect collection with a beginning and an end.

Comme des Garçons AW 1994/1995

With an intro consisting of a very color neutral palette, stark models, and contemporary fabric draping, Kanye West’s new collection looks directly inspired by this 1994 Comme des Garçons collection.

Comme des Garçons AW 2005/2006

Rei Kawakubo’s theme choice of marriage consisted of beautiful white draping, headdresses, powdered faces, and a celebration of culture. As a voice of the youth, respect and interest for other cultures is growing and inspiring to us to learn more and educate ourselves amongst one another. Take cues from this video, we predict layers of various white textiles wedding-goth will be back.

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