Bakuretsu Tricot San (EP) – Tricot

Bakuretsu Tricot San (爆裂トリコットさん) or “The Explosive Mr. Tricot” marks the second time four piece (currently three piece due to the departure of drummer Kazutaka Komaki) japanese girl-band Tricot has graced us with a full length studio album widely available in the United States.  A unique blend of pop, post, alternative, and math rock, Tricot typically flies below the average American listener’s ears. Founded in Kyoto in 2010 by Nakajima Ikkyu, Sagane Hiromi, and Kida Motoko, the group quickly found success, landing a record deal and EP with Bakuretsu Records the following year, with which they are still signed.  Their powerful vocals, distorted yet clean studio sound, and extremely technical playing gives them a unique presence in the rock world.  Their newest album stays extremely true to this.  Opening up with a hard and grooving vamp in a displaced six, Bakuretsu Panie San sets a good tone for the record. Even if you don’t speak Japanese, the music is very worth it, and a quick google search will expose their lyrical abilities (the first line of the album is “Invaded by plankton, my emotions drowned and vanished/ trying to end it all in the depths of the deep sea”).  As the album continues, every song reveals another of Tricot’s many qualities.  Bitter’s vocal harmonies and guitar riffs will be stuck in your head all day, and 42’s hits highlight how tight and technical the band really is.  The one thing that sets this record apart from other U.S releases is the final track.  An acoustic rendition of their original Laststep shows the softer side of the band.  Even without the extreme technicality (a cornerstone of their music), the song doesn’t fall flat, proving that Tricot is not a one trick pony.  The song is heartfelt, soft, delicate, and above all beautiful, shedding some light into the musicality of the band.  Tricot’s 2013 release The is available on most platforms as well, and is just as worth giving a listen to.  Executing such a unique sound so well leaves Tricot nowhere to go but up, meaning that hopefully they will make their way to the United States for the first time soon, but for now, all we can do is wait.

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