Bad Eggs: A Trendy Cowboy Hat Almost Killed Me

After an endless search of looking for the perfect cowboy hat, I had found it: pink with feathers on the brim and a tiara stuck onto the front. Upon receiving it two days later in the mail, I looked inside to find a bunch of wires taped into the inside of the hat. My perfect cowboy hat also lit up. I was so disappointed: looking at all those wires freaked me out and I decided that I was not going to put some weird voodoo wearable light on my head. I convinced myself that I was going to be cursed and die if I put the hat on. I didn’t even want it near me, so I gave the hat to my dad and he took it to In-n-Out drive thru (weird, I know) and gave it to them. My reaction was totally irrational and dramatic, but was it?

My sixth sense wasn’t completely off. While research is still undergoing studies, the truth remains that wearable technology has the potential to become a leading health hazard in society. With the Apple watch, Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt, and Opening Ceremony’s MICA all being released in a short period of time, people haven’t even had the time to think about how wearing technology could affect them in the long run. It is a fact that cell phones and computers send waves of radiation to your head, just as a microwave would if you were to stand in front of it waiting for your food. Simply placing a phone or computer next to your head can cause radiation to occur and basically fries your brain which can lead up to tumors and cancer. While some doctors believe that only technology with 3G installed will send dangerous radiation to our brains, wearable technology has not been around long enough to know for sure.

My experience with wearable technology (even though it was just a bunch of lights) was not a good one, and the idea of wires wrapped around my head concealed by a trendy hat ended up not be appealing to me. If anything, this experience taught me two things: One, that following short-term trends is not a good idea and two, combining a technology and fashion seems to have a more negative outcome than positive. It almost seems as though this is the designers way of doing the “next”, because they couldn’t think of anything else because technology has consumed us all.

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