Apartment Hunting with Artist Caroline Park

India: What drew you to these places in particular?
Caro: I walk by these college apartments every day and beyond their dilapidated conditions, I was drawn to the quiet bizarreness these structures seemed to exude. There’s a number of these strange apartments all around the neighborhood, but I eventually narrowed down my selections to the ones I’ve actually been inside of. Through some research I learned that some of these homes, especially my favorites, were designed by famed architect Richard Neutra and/or built in the 1940s. To me these buildings are aging in the most curious way and I wanted to document their eccentricity for at least a moment.

India: Why did you focus on muted colors?
Caro: As an LA native I’ve always had a fondness for the sun-bleached, pastel palette reminiscent of suburbia. The architecture of these buildings also reminded me of dollhouses, which usually come in pastels. I found these washed out colors to be somewhat hypnotic and grimy, and I was intrigued. It all started with the pale pink house on Kelton Avenue and from there I decided to go along with this color theme.

India: What do you imagine is behind the doors of the places in the photographs?
Caro: Most likely some 20-something year old busy figuring out life.

India: Where do you find your inspiration?
Caro: For this series I studied Ed Ruscha’s photography, specifically his popular artist books, like Some Los Angeles Apartments. Ruscha’s been an influence of mine for a while now and this is definitely my homage to his work. I’m a huge sucker for anything with text and image that’s well-designed and printed. I love spending time in contemporary museum bookstores, the graphic design section of libraries, and any place selling zines. When I’m out and about in LA I never really know what I’ll encounter, but I’ll probably bring home something print-related to hang up on my walls.

You can see more of Caro’s work at www.caro-park.com.


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