You know that feeling you get when every time your favorite designer puts out a new collection and your eyes widen in awe and you think to yourself, “I belong in this. I NEED this. THIS is my destiny.” Ammerman Schlösberg makes me feel that way with every release of a new collection. Keeping a fairly dark feel to each collection, Elizabeth Ammerman and Eric Schlösberg create a variety of kawaii worlds from kawaii medieval-witch to kawaii anime bb at the blink of an eye. With their latest collection,  Ammerman Schlösberg presents beautiful chokers, platform sandals, and a color palette of red, white, and plaid, breathing life to a new genre of kawaii-goth-farm-girl-nurse. The collection was very well collaborated and planned using accessory designer Zana Baynes and artist Avery Noyes to design surreal illustrations for their tops. The show took place in a small hotel room, creating an intimate and more personal experience during the hectic times of Fashion Week.  As they have in the past, Opening Ceremony will likely carry pieces from this collection.

Editor’s note: Peep the platform sandals and chokers for an easy way to add some Schlösberg spice into your wardrobe


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