Artists to Watch in 2016


Chloe Wise

After punking the fashion world with her “Chanel” bagel bag and Prada “Ain’t No Challah Back(Pack)” in 2014, we watched Chloe Wise sculpt herself into the queen of “food-bondage” and actually sculpt pancakes that looked good enough to eat – minus the piercings of course – in 2015. This year we look forward to seeing what new humorous and brilliant collection she creates. There is something so personal and genuine behind each of her pieces that keeps us wanting more.


Claire Boucher (Grimes)

The world knows Claire Boucher mainly as a producer/musician, but towards the end of 2015 a large emphasis was placed on her own personal artistic direction and pieces of art. From her loud voice as an active feminist to her self-directed music video for Art Angels, 2015 was a strong start to the mystical artistic revelution we’re expecting from our girl Grimes this year <3.


Tyler Mitchell

Ever since his debut directing the music video for VFiles winners Brockhamppton to reaching his goal as being featured on Dazed to closing out the year with his first book El Paquete, all eyes are on Tyler Mitchell as he travels around the world, meeting new people to take images developed by emotions brought out in colors and composition. He’s spoken briefly on some 2016 goals and we can’t wait to see what magazine cover he’ll be directing/shooting.

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